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CNMV Investor Guides


Securities Orders
1 - What are securities orders? How do they work?
2 - How to place a securities order?
3 - Before placing an order
4 - Are all securities orders the same?
5 - What points should I watch for after giving an order?
6 - Confirming execution
7 - Frequently asked questions
8 - Tips for investors
9 - Where I can go if I have doubts?
CNMV Information Guide

The Rights and Responsabilities of Shareholders
1 - What is a share and what kinds are there?
2 - What does it mean to be a shareholder and what rights does it grant?
3 - The operations that affect me as a shareholder
4 - Shareholders' Meetings
5 - The Board of Directors
6 - What information do I have for taking decisions?
7 - Advice for shareholders
8 - How do I contact companies? If I have some doubts to whom can I go?
CNMV Information Guide

Fly-By-Night Operations
1 - Fly-by-nigth operations. What are they? Who they are?
2 - Who might be their victims?
3 - How can a fly-by-night operation get in touch with you?
4 - What techniques are used in the first contact to attract investors' money?
5 - How do I know when it is a operation?
6 - How can I avoid becoming a victim?
7 - What happens if you have already handed over your money?
8 - If I have some doubts, where can I get information?
CNMV Information Guide


Investment Service Companies

CNMV Information Guide
1 - What are service investment companies?
2 - Types of investment services companies
3 - Who are the representatives?
4 - What guarantees does the ISC offer me?
5 - How can a fly-by-night operation be distinguished from a legal company?
6 - What questions should I ask the people who sell the investments?
7 - Investor advice
8 - If I have some doubts, where can I get information?



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