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General Information

D. Carlos Ochoa, is the Ombudsman of the Valencia Stock Exchange entrusted with overseeing that transactions are correctly carried out through the Stock Exchange of Valencia. He represents the rights of investors and helps them to solve any kind of clash of interest with our market intermediaries. In short, his functions are:

  • to attend and review complaints and grievances made by the investors relating to transactions through the Valencia Stock Exchange.
  • to mediate between investors´ and investment services firms.
  • to answer investors inquiries by phone , e-mail and face to face.

The regulations concerning this institution are found in Circular 1/2000 of the Governing Body of the Valencia Stock Exchange of 20 June on the "Ombudsman", published by the Stock Exchange of Valencia on 11 June, 2000.

If you are interested, please contact:

Office of the Ombudsman of the Valencia Stock Exchange
C/ Pintor Sorolla, 23 – 46002 Valencia
Telephone: 96 387 01 01 / 56



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