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The Valencia Stock Exchange collaborates with the media, usually at two levels: on the one hand, strictly informative, mainly on the behaviour of the market; on the other hand, more in-depth analysis which covers the main issues of the current stock market.

Currently, our more regular collaboration is with the Valencia's Financial Economic magazine, Economic 3. This includes a report of the monthly stock market in general and a more detailed analysis of the state of play of the market. In addition, in this report there is also a specific portfolio of Valencian companies.

On the other hand, regardless of our collaborations with the media, the Valencia Stock Exchange performs a series of periodic journals that contain information about our daily and annual evolution and development.

  • Quotation Bulletin: daily publication which includes a complete official information on prices, volumes and different indicators of activity of both securities traded on the Valencia Stock Exchange, as of the Spanish Stock Exchange and those who trade in our Autonomic Market Public Debt (Mercado Autonómico de Deuda Pública en Anotaciones en Cuenta de la Generalitat Valenciana), etc. Also, included any other information marked as advertisements about financial transactions, relevant Facts, dividend payments and securities coupons, CNMV`s comunications, Sociedad de Bolsas, BME or Iberclear, etc.

Currently, you can consult our Bulletin on our website ( In adittion, anyone wants to have all this information in Valenciano you may contact:

  • Annual Report: includes a detailed report on the progress and activities pursued by the Valencia Stock Exchange during the year in question: the Stock market year statistical information, relevant events, compilation of rules relating to the Securities Market, explanation of the main services offered to our clients, etc. Furthermore, in compliance with reporting requirements and publishing current legislation, also attached is a report of accounts held by ours external auditors.
  • Ombudsman Report: annual report summarising the actions taken by our Ombudsman during the year. This includes all claims and complaints handled, whether they have been accepted or not, and all those inquiries from investors and the solutions provided.



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