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The Valencia Stock Exchange, an institution with more than 30 years of existence, is a widely consolidated company, whose principal function is the management of the Stock market and whose aspirations are to offer more and better services to the local business community. In fact, the Valencia Stock Exchange, apart from its national and international presence, is the Stock Exchange of the Valencian Community, which explains why its basic vocation is to promote the economic development of this area of Spain.

Our industrial fabric, formed mostly by SME (approximately 95%), is solid and encompasses practically all sectors (textile, citrus fruits, furniture, toys, etc). These are the companies which create the most employment, contributing in an important way to the economic growth of our Community. The Stock Exchange of Valencia is conscious of this and of the need to facilitate access to finance for current and future companies, so that they can gain competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. In this way the Stock Exchange has always developed very active policies of offering support to the companies which are possibly in need of financial funding, to explain to them this important source which they can count on for growth, for improving their strategies, for solving share issues, etc. In this respect, it offers them multiple, efficient and specific services, by means of the management of the Market (which receives a good number of these companies), constant advice and support, facilities in the management of admission to negotiation of values or into the “Mercado Alternativo Bursátil” (MAB). However, not only does it offer a response to Valencian companies but the Valencian Autonomous government and the Valencian Finance Institute (IVF) are also present in our market. In November, 2009 the “Mercado Autonómico de Deuda Pública en Anotaciones de la Generalitat” (MADP), was created in order to negotiate fixed-interest securities issued by the Autonomous government and public entities inside our territorial area.

The Valencia Stock Exchange, besides being an interesting source of finance, is also an important instrument for savers who want to diversify their investments. The valencian investor community is becoming wider and more qualified, thanks partly, to the labor carried out Stock Exchange of stimulating and developing a multitude of initiatives to promote the formation and diffusion of financial and stock exchange culture among investors. By way of example, we have been doing very good work with investment clubs, we have collaborations with different means of communications and with different Universities in the organization and participation of courses, we are part of the Organizational Committee and take part in Forinvest ‘Trade Fair of Products and Financial Services, Investments, Insurance and Technological Solutions for the sector`, etc.

Logically, all this activity needs a specific financial and investment structure. The Valencia Stock Exchange carries out an intense policy of recruiting new members, in order that they may contribute all their professional knowledge and experience to a modern and mature market such as ours. For these, we offer them all the necessary tools to develop their functions and the possibility of taking part in a market that is growing day by day. It is not surprising that investors are buying and selling their shares more and more through our Stock Exchange.

In addition to working with our local financial community, the Valencia Stock Exchange also develops and promotes our national and international presence through Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME).




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