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10/11/2016Spanish Stock Exchange´s voluntary market guidance for listed companies for corporate reporting on ESG information
12/06/2013Fixed Income Market 2012
12/11/2009Close to the Investor. A report on the investor protection in Spain by BME Research Department.
19/05/2006Report of the special working group on the good governance of listed companies.
14/04/2004The European Central Securities Depositories Association's Response to the Giovannini Report.
12/03/2003Enforcement of standards on financial information in Europe
10/02/2003Share ownership structure in Europe 2002. By FESE
30/01/2003Building a transatlantic securities market. By Dr. Benn Steil
22/01/2003The integration of European capital market infrastructures and competition law. By Mario Monti
13/11/2002Quantification of the Macro-Economic Impact of Integration of EU Financial Markets.
17/09/2002European financial integration and stability
10/07/2002Standards for ATSs. Feedback statement and compilation of responses to the second consultation paper.
26/06/2002Technical rules for the composition, classification by sectors and calculation of IGBM-2002 family of indices.
15/02/2002Giovannini Report
03/12/2001The Securities Settlement Industry in the EU. By Karen Lanoo and Mattias Levin.
30/11/2001Technical rules for the composition, classification by sectors and calculation of IGBM-2002 family of indices.
23/11/2001Cross-Border Clearing and Settlement Arrangements in the European Union. The Giovannini Group.
01/03/2001Myners Report: Institutional Investment in the United Kingdom
15/02/2001Final Report of the Committe of Wise Men on the Regulation of European Securities Market



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