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Notices of the Ibex Indexes Management Secretariat
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23/01/2018 01/2018
29/12/2017 09/2017
15/12/2017 08/2017
13/12/2017 07/2017
13/12/2017 06/2017
15/09/2017 05/2017
13/09/2017 04/2017
16/06/2017 03/2017
14/06/2017 02/2017
14/06/2017 01/2017
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The Market Status informs through quick and easy-to-read notices on incidents affecting the Equity markets as well as Indices and financial systems operated by BME.

If an issue occurs, the message "TRADING" will change to "MARKET ISSUE" to reflect that a market event has occurred. By clicking on the Issue of the published alert it will be possible to access the information and intraday updates associated with this incident, which will be published immediately.

Note: BME will use its discretion to assign the severity of an incident